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How to install the home network management system in my Panda Global Protection 2012

Information applies to:

Panda Global Protection 2012

Operating systems
Windows XP (32-bit Edition)Windows Vista (32/64-bit Edition)
Windows 7 (32/64-bit Edition)

Home networks, understood as a network comprising 2 or more household PCs interconnected by cables or wireless networks, allow you to share printers, disks and Internet access.

Panda Global Protection 2012 includes a home network management system that lets you check the status of every computer connected to the network as well as additional information about them: name, IP address, etc.

How to install the home network management system

The home network manager installs by default together with your product.

To access it, open the main window of your antivirus and click Network management.

Which information can you monitor using this feature?

The home network manager displays graphs with the following network information: 

  • Computers connected to the home network.
    Note: The home network manager ignores any other type of network element such as routers, switches, printers, remote storage drives, etc.
  • Basic information of each computer: 

    • Computer name
    • IP address
    • MAC address
  • Computers with a 2012 or 2011 antivirus installed. 

Finally, the home network manager displays the following information about computers with a 2012 or 2011 antivirus product installed:

  • Protection status: Enabled or disabled.
  • Protection update status: Updated or outdated.
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