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The content of some Internet pages are not loaded correctly when Panda Cloud Internet Protection is installed Why? 

Information applies to:

Panda Cloud Internet Protection


Occasionally, an end user may notify that some Internet pages are not loading correctly in his browser or that the content of some pages does not appear to be correctly formatted.


  • A URL filtering rule to block a specific category of web sites prevents frames in an ‘allowed’ URL from loading content that is actually hosted in a prohibited domain.
  • If you whitelisted a URL (i.e., you manually added a URL to, say, a Custom Defined ‘allow’ category), and the page is not displayed properly, it is likely that the page contains content pulled from disallowed domains.

Additional information

When page content or objects fail to load, use a browser extension such as ‘Live HTTP headers’ (Firefox) or ‘ieHTTPHeaders’ (Internet Explorer) to confirm that the object ‘cannot be found’ (i.e., 404 error)

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