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How to deploy agents over a network using the Systems Management Agent Active Directory deployment method

Information applies to:

Systems Management

The PCSM Active Directory deployment method is the recommended method of installation for larger networks with a domain controller.

Steps to initiate Active Directory deployment

  1. Download the Component_ADdeployment.cpt file.
  2. Import the file into your Component library using the Import Component button in the top left.

    Import Component button
  3. Download an agent from any of your profiles (except OnDemand).
  4. Rename the agent to AgentSetup.exe and attach to you component.
  5. Run the job against one or more of your domain controllers.
  6. Use a remote takeover session to access the server that you have targeted.
  7. Apply a group policy startup (not logon) script to point to the CS_Agent_Deploy.bat file contained in the shared folder \\NETLOGON\pandac~1
  8. Wait for some machines to start rebooting for the agent deployment to start.

Note: If you are using an authenticated proxy, then this will appear in plain text in the start up script on the server (not every device).

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