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How do I create a system policy in Systems Management?

Information applies to:

Systems Management

To create an account/system level policy, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Administration console.
  2. Click the System tab, select Policies and click Add account policy.
  3. Type a name for your policy and select the type:
    • Agent
    • Monitoring
    • Power
    • Windows Updates
  4. You can also select Based on, if you want to base your new policy on one previously created.
  5. Click Add a target… Targets can be either Account Filters or Account Groups.
  6. Select your policy options.
  7. Hit Save to save the account policy.

    The policy can then be reviewed from the System Policies window.
  8. Once a policy is created its default state is Enabled. To disable it, move the slider to disable.
  9. Click Push Changes to apply the policy to the selected targets.
  10. Once pushed, the policy icon will turn orange Policy icon - orange. Click this icon and select Included Devices to check the targeted devices have received the policy.


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