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How to use Mobile Device Management with PCSM

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Systems Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) gives PCSM administrators the ability to roll out and manage agents on mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

Minimum specifications for Mobile Device Management

The MDM feature can be run on a mobile with a minimum of iOS version 6 or Android 2.3.3.

Ports and URLs

Read the article Systems Management Access Requirements: ports and URLs and verify the urls and ports indicated for MDM can be accessed.

How to install Mobile Device Management in my account

  1. Open the PCSM administration console.
  2. In the ComStore, select the Mobile Device Management component and click Purchase to add it to your account (it is free).

  3. Once purchased, the component will add additional MDM functionality to the Account > Settings tab, as well as adding the extension information to Account > Packages.

How to install Mobile Device Management on my device

To install the agent on a device or devices please use the following guides:

How to use Mobile Device Management

Once the MDM agent has been installed on the device it will populate the desired Profile in the PCSM and submit an audit with the following information:

  • Hardware: Manufacture, Model, IMEI, Serial number
  • Software: OS and version plus installed apps with version
  • Performance: Storage
  • Usage: User, Operator, Number, Location

MDM devices will automatically update their audit information every 24 hours or on demand, as required. When the device is being actively connected to, the MDM status will be online. Otherwise, it will appear as offline in the webportal.

MDM devices have a number of extra options available, in addition to the standard Action Bar options:

  • Remote Wipe: Perform a remote factory reset of the device. Please be aware that this will remove any user data stored on the device.
  • Remote Lock: Lock a device.
  • Remote Unlock: Unlock a locked device and remove the passcode. This will force the password to reset a passcode within 60 minutes.
  • Passcode Policy: Will force a simple 4 digit password to be set by the user.

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