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How can I stop getting popups reminding me to renew my Panda product?


I have a Panda product which has either expired or is about to expire installed on my computer and I get popups reminding me to renew my license.


If your computer’s protection is out of date, you’ll be defenseless against the thousand of new viruses and threats that appear every day. Your security is most important to us. That’s why, when your subscription is close to expiring, we let you know through a series of pop-up warnings that allow you to take appropriate action and renew it.


Don’t leave it for tomorrow! Renew your subscription as soon as possible and make sure you enjoy up-to-date protection at all times. To do this, simply click the Renew license option in the pop-up warning displayed, or go to Panda Security’s Renewal Area.

If your service subscription has expired and you do not want to renew it, you’ll have to uninstall your Panda product. To do that, refer to the following article: How can I uninstall my Panda antivirus from my computer?

Bear in mind that, once you have uninstalled your product, your computer won’t be protected against viruses and other threats, so we recommend that you install a security solution as soon as possible.

Remember that you can go to Panda Security’s Downloads Area, try any of our antivirus solutions free of charge and see for yourself which one meets your needs best.

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