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Error 1289: Error on trying to obtain the server's reply

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Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection Plus


Error 1289 integrating or sending status information to the server. The message displayed is:

Error on trying to obtained the server's reply


This event is generated on trying to obtain the server’s reply to the integration message. The problem arises when the server message is received but one of the following situations occurs:

  • The message received from the agent does not include the item with the reply.
  • The reply is included but cannot be obtained.
  • The reply is obtained but it is empty.

As the problem is probably due to the server sending an incorrect message, the source of the problem should be investigated in the server.

Type of error

Error. It is displayed in the Windows Event viewer and the Waltest log.

Elements to check

Check the following on the computer:

  • No services have been stopped
  • The Integra.dat file is not malformed due to an error during agent installation or a system restart during installation.
  • The date on the computer is not incorrect (e.g. 29/2/1980).


If, after having checked the aspects listed above, the problem persists, it is the server that is causing it.

Data needed to report the incident

If the issue is not solved, it is then necessary to collect a series of data from the computer. Please, read How to report problems from the Endpoint Protection console and follow the instructions indicated.

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