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What is AdminSecure Communications Agent and how is it distributed?

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For a computer to be detected and administered by Panda AdminSecure it must have an agent installed.

When you open the Panda AdminSecure Console for the first time, the AdminSecure setup wizard will be displayed. It will also appear at any other time you open the console provided that you haven't checked Don't show this screen again when the console starts up. This gives you the option to distributing the agent. This process can also be launched from the console by clicking Tools-> Distribute communications agent. Here you will have the option to distribute it to the servers and network workstations.

Options for distributing the agent

  • Direct installation on systems with Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008 or Windows 7. Through this option the agent will be remotely installed on the selected computers.

    This is the best and quickest way of installing the communications agent in servers Windows and 2000, XP, 2008 or Windows 7 workstations.

    Read more information about how to directly install the agent.
  • Generating an installation package and modifying the users’ login script. In this case, it will be necessary to be working in a domain so that the users validated in the Windows server install the agent.

    This option is only recommendable for large networks with a very large number of computers.

    Read more information about how to carry out the distribution by generating an installation package and modifying the login script.
  • Generating an agent installation package which will be directly run in each system.

    This is the best option for Windows XP Home Edition, or if the processes described above do not adjust to the configuration of your network. An installation package is generated, which must be run directly on each computer to which you want to distribute the agent.

    Read more information about how to distribute the agent by generating an installation package.

Once the agents have been installed in the different computers and have been automatically registered with Panda AdminSecure, you will see the modules which can be installed in the console.

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