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How can I register as a client?

Operating systems
Windows Vista (32-bit Edition)Windows XP (64-bit Edition)
Windows Vista (64-bit Edition) Windows 7 (32-bit Edition)
Windows XP (32-bit Edition)Windows 7 (64-bit Edition)

Register as a client to enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Access to the personal clients area, where you can see your client details.
  • Technical Support.
  • Downloads of the latest versions of the product.
  • Practical tips and tutorials.
  • Special discounts on renewing your product license.

To register as a client, you must first activate your product. For further information refer to how to activate your product.

Steps to register from the program

  1. Open your antivirus by double-clicking the Panda icon next to the Windows clock.
  2. Click the Services tab in the main screen.
  3. Click the Register now option at the bottom right.
  4. Follow the wizard and enter the data requested.
  5. Once you have completed the process, you will receive an email with your client data, including the user name and password used to access all the areas on Panda Security’s website until your services expire.


The aim of this tutorial is to help you register as a client and discover all the advantages that Panda Security offers you.

Additional information 

Learn how to activate your Panda 2013 product by checking the Support article How to activate your Panda 2013 product? 



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