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Minimum data required to report an issue in Panda Cloud Internet Protection

Information applies to:

Panda Cloud Internet Protection

Panda Cloud Internet Protection is a Web solution managed through an online administration console. Therefore, in order to report any issue regarding PCIP, please verify the following steps and provide the data indicated.

Data to request

  1. Verify basic Internet connectivity.
    • Can the user reach a DNS server and resolve an Internet host (e.g.,
    • Does the user have a  valid IP address?
  2. Can the user reach a local web server ( i.e. inside of your corporate firewall)?
  3.  If users access the Internet through a proxy server or PAC file, verify the proxy settings:  
    • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings  
    • FireFox: Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Advanced >- Network -> Settings 
    • Chrome: Customize -> Options -> Under the hood -> Change proxy settings  
    • Safari: Preferences -> Advanced -> Proxies -> Change Settings
  4. Verify that users are accessing the Internet through the PCIP service
  5. Disable the PCIP service application and verify that the user can browse the Internet correctly
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