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Since 1990, PandaLabs’ mission has been to detect and eliminate new threats as rapidly as possible to offer our clients maximum security. To do so, PandaLabs has an innovative automated system that analyzes and classifies thousands of new samples a day and returns automatic verdicts (malware or goodware). This system is the basis of collective intelligence, Panda Security’s new security model which can even detect malware that has evaded other security solutions.

The new collective intelligence system has been developed by Panda Research and is housed in a network of datacenters managed by PandaLabs. The system centrally collects and stores behavioral patterns of programs, file traces, new malware samples, etc., collected from the community. This extensive capacity to collect information provides greater visibility of active Internet threats.

Inteligencia ColectivaThe system automatically analyzes and classifies the thousands of new samples received every day. To do this, an expert system correlates the data received from the user community with PandaLab’s extensive malware knowledge base. The system automatically returns verdicts (malware or goodware) on the new files provided by the Web community.

Finally, this knowledge is delivered to users as Web services or through signature file updates.

This way, collective intelligence represents an automated system which is exceptionally effective in collecting and classifying samples and generating vaccines. At the same time, the increased knowledge base produces a benefit for the rest of the user community.

Currently, Panda Security’s collective intelligence network comprises 4 million computers. The knowledge accumulated in the system is composed of 11 million malware samples and over 100 million scanned programs.

Currently, 94% of malware detected by PandaLabs is analyzed through this system of collective intelligence. This is complemented through the work of several teams, each specialized in a specific type of malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing, spam, etc.), who work 24/7 to provide global coverage. This translates into more secure, simpler and more resource-friendly solutions for clients.

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