Posted by Eduardo Izpizua October 06, 2009

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you a question: To what extent do you leave your footprint in the environment?

Did you know that…

  • cisnes_rosasPlastic bags take over 100 years to degrade? They are often eaten by large fish and birds, causing disease and death among them.
  • If not properly recycled, paper and plastic, glass and metal containers thrown in the trash must go through contaminating processes to be treated.
  • Do you really need to keep your home at 25º C throughout the winter?
  • Everyone likes exotic animals and plants, but they have adverse effects on local ecosystems.

Remember: What can you do with any obsolete computers, telephones, etc. you have at home?

I recommend you to check your carbon footprint at and try to decrease it.

Personally, I am trying to make it as invisible as possible.

Although the efforts made by large, more polluting companies are obviously more important, I think all of us should do our bit. I am therefore very happy about Panda Security’s active recycling and energy-saving policies. Besides, we also collaborate actively with WWF as corporate supporters.

Would you like us to publish your initiatives to reduce environmental footprints? Tell us about them!

Eduardo Izpizua  –  Retail Market Support Manager