Posted by Leyre August 19, 2009

safe_passwords1The first thing you must do in order to protect your computer and data is to create a safe password, especially in these days, with the prominence of social networks. People tend to use easy-to-remember passwords, but this is a risk, as hackers can then easily access your confidential information. It is common sense, or would you leave the door of your car unlocked just because it is easier to open it? You wouldn´t, right? Same happens with password safety. Here go a  few useful tips.

DONT´s when creating a password

  1. Never use passwords that can be found in a dictionary. They can be cracked with clever – and even not-so-clever – password hacking programs.
  2. Never use password containing less than 8-characters long. The shorter the password is, the easier it gets to guess it.
  3. Never place numbers after the password if the password Word can be found in a dictionary. It is best to insert numbers and special characters in between a word or replace some of the letters by special characters, for example,  Charles – Ch@rlE$
    This is a little safer.
  4. Your cat’s name is not unique. Leave it alone 😉 Ditto your name, your birthday, your mum’s maiden name or your birthday.

DO´s when creating  a strong password

  1. If you want to have a password which is easy to remember but hard to guess, memorize a sentence. Then, use the initial of each of the words of the sentence as the password. Then add a final point or a special character  (!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *) at the end, followed by two numbers and a capital letter.For example: April is the month of rain – ( Aitmor@05 )
  2. Always use a password that is between 8-14 characters, minimum 8.
  3. Combine capital and lower case letters in your password.
  4. And if you do need to write it down, try not to do it on a piece of paper entitled “Internet Banking Passwords” 🙂
  5. Change your password every 30 days.
  6. Make sure the user name and password are different

For more information, check out PandaLab´s blog post on Social networking, Passwords and privacy and watch the following video to quickly review the most important tips!!

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