Cybercrime can have many ambitious objectives: sabotaging a business; stealing money; exfiltrating customers’ personal data and the company’s sensitive information; and even causing physical damage. For certain kinds of companies, there is a objective of cybercrime that can lead to serious financial losses: industrial espionage. For a technological, pharmaceutical or even scientific company, the loss of intellectual property can mean a competitive disadvantage compared to its competitors, and therefore serious damage to its business model.

One of the most notorious industrial espionage operations was the so called Operation Aurora, where hackers tried to steal intellectual property from multiple tech companies, including Google, Microsoft and Adobe. This kind of company needs to protect its own innovations with the most advanced cybersecurity solutions. However, in the case of organizations that protect the intellectual and industrial property of multiple organizations, the need is even more pressing.

Case study: ClarkeModet

ClarkeModet is the leading intellectual and industrial property group in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. The company protects assets such as patents, brands and trade secrets for its clients all around the world. It also advises them on issues related to privacy and data protection.

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The situation

Due to the nature of the activities carried out by the company, ClarkeModet manages a large quantity of confidential and sensitive information. This is why it needed to reinforce the security of all its systems in order to ensure that no security breach or cyberattack can endanger the organization, its clients or the information it handles.

The challenges

Confidentiality and IT security are two vital aspects of the sector in which ClarkeModet operates. Because of this, it decided to seek the most secure and trustworthy solution on the market. Another challenge for the company was its geographical distribution; it needed a solution that was able to protect the systems in its 26 offices in ten countries in Europe and Latin America.

This distribution is further complicated by the constant growth of international business, which has led to greater geographical mobility within the team. As a result, there is a greater need to implement a cybersecurity solution that offers greater protection for all computers and servers at all times and from anywhere.

The solution

To respond to all these security needs, ClarkeModet opted for Panda Adaptive Defense 360 and Panda Patch Management. Eusebio Yribarren, Corporate Director of Prosecution and Transformation at ClarkeModet explains: “Panda offered us an integral protection solution, with continual updates, as well as proactive monitoring that allows us to offer our customers an advanced level of security. This represents an enormous advantage compared to our competitors.”

Constant updates for security patches and the centralized management of both solutions were also reasons to choose Panda’s solution. “Panda’s solutions have allowed us to take information security and confidentiality to another level for our customers, offering guaranteed protection, which is a competitive advantage for our company on the market,” explains Yribarren.

Main benefits

The implementation of Panda Adaptive Defense 360 and Panda Patch Management were important factors that allowed ClarkeModet to achieve the certification for the IT Security Management System (SGSI). This certification attests the maintenance, operation and support of IT and communication systems under regulation ISO/IEC 27001.

Panda Security’s solutions also increase ClarkeModet’s clients’ IT security. Other benefits include the reduction of operational costs for the IT department, the prediction and prevention of possible cyberattacks, and the continual updating of users’ workstations.