• New version lets channel partners simplify license renewals, automatically assign licenses to customers, view license assignment history and assign trials to existing customers
  • The solution is completely free, service providers just have to sign up to become an authorized partner at https://www.pandasecurity.com/enterprise/solutions/cloud-partner-center/
  • Partners who sign up for the service will get five free licenses of Panda Cloud Office Protection to protect their networks

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, today announced the launch of the new Panda Cloud Partner Center 2.1. Designed for channel partners and service providers, the solution helps protect email and endpoint systems (servers, PCs and laptops), as well as managing customer lifecycle efficiently and remotely. Partners can carry out all actions online, in real time and with just a few clicks.

Panda Cloud Partner Center, whose first version was launched this past May, lets partners and service providers grow their business, selling security software simply and with maximum autonomy from the vendor.

Panda Cloud Partner Center 2.1 includes the following improvements:

  • Simplifies the license renewal process, delivering summarized information about pending renewals:
    • Displaying notifications in the Panda Cloud Partner Center console with information about expired licenses and licenses about to expire.
    • Sending notifications via email to partners with information about customers’ licenses that have expired or are about to expire.
  • Allows partners to automatically renew customers’ licenses. They can select the customers whose licenses will automatically be renewed when they reach their expiration date.
  • Allows partners to automatically assign licenses to customers. They can select customers that will be allowed to make as many installations as they want, even if they do not have sufficient licenses. This option is particularly useful for partners that invoice customers according to the number of licenses actually used (not the number contracted).
  • Allows partners to view the history of licenses assigned to their customers.
  • Allows partners to assign trial licenses to existing customers. They can assign an existing customer a trial version of a product for which they do not yet have licenses.

The new features included in Panda Cloud Partner Center 2.1 simplify the renewal process for partners by minimizing the amount of time required, and make cross-selling easier by offering trials to customers of products that they do not have.

In addition, the license history allows them to see all previous actions, including which users have assigned which licenses.

Panda Security will give away five licenses of Panda Cloud Office Protection for all partners who sign up for the new Panda Cloud Partner Center, to protect their own IT networks.

Channel partners who want to sign up and benefit from the advantages offered by the new Panda Cloud Partner Center 2.1 only have to join the Panda Partners program at https://www.pandasecurity.com/enterprise/solutions/cloud-partner-center/, or contact the Panda Security sales team.