From fashion and flights to technology and innovation, we love to get a good deal.  We get a thrill out of saving money, and it’s even better when it’s free.

There’s a world of freedoms, thanks to popular software and licenses that are offered for free, depending on what interests you. Whether you are a photo-fanatic, music-junkie, or just love a good deal, there are tons of resources at your disposal. There is even software that turns your phone into a digital wallet, in case you want to go wallet less!

The Down Low on the free Downloads

You can perfect and share a multitude of photos using free photo editing software. One of those freebies, PhotoScape, allows us to retouch and perfect all of our digital images in just a couple clicks. Once they’re fixed up, go ahead and share them on your favorite Social Network.

Because of their accessibility, we have become over-consumers of music, TV and movies. We want to use them whenever we want. You can organize and play all of your media using VLC media player, a free and open-source multimedia player that is available for different operating systems in several versions. You are able to watch movies and TV shows, and listen to music. It can be downloaded in the following formats: OGG, FLAC, MKV, MP3, MP4, WMV, MOV.

But, even freebies have imperfections. Companies have been battling to be the internet’s “most downloaded”, as seen with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer´s back and forth battle.  Explorer was recently dethroned as the most-used browser. Regardless of who is in first place, both of these web browsers continue to trail the rest, like Firefox and Safari.

Panda Security Free AntivirusTake care of your PC on a low-cost budget

If we want to take advantage of these tools we must make sure our PCs are running at optimal levels. The free software CCleaner helps us delete useless files, while keeping our PCs clean, optimizing it, and speeding it up!

How can you provide extra information and security for your web browser?

Panda Safe Web allows you to “click” what you want without risks.

  • Classified searches for the biggest search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo)
  • Detect and block access to tracking websites. This will put you and your family’s security ahead of cybercrime.
  • Browse online with peace of mind, and keep your private data away from prying eyes!

What about cyber-security?

Let’s not forget that hackers take advantage of large security holes in order to attack Internet users. To protect ourselves from the 227,000 new malware samples that have been detected each day this year, we have free solutions like Panda Free Antivirus. Quality isn´t always costly!

Who said it was expensive to keep your system up-to-date?