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Permissions required to enable the Panda protection in macOS

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Panda Adaptive Defense 360 on Aether PlatformPanda Dome
Panda Endpoint Protection on Aether PlatformPanda Endpoint Protection Plus on Aether Platform

This article explains how to enable Network and System Extensions (NEXT/SEXT) to ensure the correct functioning of the Panda protection in macOS. We have used Adaptive Defense 360 to illustrate the procedure.

These steps are critical for the Panda macOS protection to work correctly.

NOTE: If the computer is monitored by a proxy or firewall, you must add these network ranges to the HTTPS protocol:
When you run the installation file on your macOS device, you get a System Extensions Blocked message that prompts you to enable the new extensions, for example:
  • EndpointProtectionService (System Extension y Login Item)
  • Protection Agent (Full Disk Access)
  • NextLoader (Network Extensions)
To learn how to do so, select your macOS version.

Instructions for macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher

Enable EndpointProtectionService from System Extensions
  1. Open your product and select the Open Security Preferences panel button.
  2. Click the lock icon.

  3. Enter the administrator user credentials and select Unlock.

  4. Select the Allow button.

Enable Protection Agent from Full Disk Access
  1. Open your product and select the Open hard disk access preferences button.
  2. Click the lock icon.

  3. Enter the administrator password and select the Unlock button.

  4. Select the Protection Agent.

  5. Click the Quit & Reopen button.

Allow NextLoader Network Extension
If you have macOS protection version v3.00.00, you must open your product and additionally, allow the NextLoader application from Security Preferences.

The protection is now working.

Allow EndpointProtectionService from Login Items
To allow EndpointProtectionService from Login Items, select the Allow EndpointProtectionService button from the warning message. This applies to MacOS 13 Ventura and higher.

Enable the EndpointProtectionService.app toggle.

Instructions for macOS Mojave 10.14 or lower
When your Panda product for macOS starts, macOS might block the kernel extensions necessary for Panda to work and you might get the following notifications:
  • System Extension Blocked on macOS.

  • Your computer is not protected notification displayed by your Panda product for macOS.

The reason for this is that macOS 10.14 and lower contain a security feature that requires user approval before loading new third-party kernel extensions. Refer to this TechNote for more details.

To resolve it, you need to manually approve the Panda Kernel Extension. Follow these instructions:

  1. Select OK when you get the System Extension Blocked message or select the Open System Preferences button:

  2. From System Preferences, select Security & Privacy.

  3. Select the lock icon at the bottom left to allow changes.

  4. Select the Allow button next to System software from developer "Panda Security" was blocked from loading.

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