Hack In The Box

In a couple of weeks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it will take place this year edition of the security conference Hack in the Box. This is a great conference I had the pleasure to talk in last year. This year Panda Security will be also participating, this time it will be KaiJern Lau, our Technical Director for Panda Security in APAC, the one in charge of it. He will talk about Xandora, a tool for analyzing the behavior of Windows PE-executables with special focus on the analysis of malware. Xandora was created by KaiJern and has proven to be an excelent tool. We use all the information gathered by Xandora in our Collective Intelligence system, and several antivirus companies are suscribed to it and use it to obtain both information and malware samples. If you want to know a bit more about this you can visit Xandora’s web or even better listen how it works if you can attend his talk “Malware Sandboxing the Xandora Way.”