People are on the move as the northern hemisphere is steaming through the summer season. The summer started more than a month ago, and almost every third American is expected to embark on a family vacation during the summer of 2019. Seeing more than 100 million people travel does not only add up to the already crowded airports, but it also increases the interstate traffic and brings a whole lot of risks. While there is no harm in people being on the lookout for the next big summer adventure, very often travelers overlook the best ways to keep data safe and secure while traveling. This is why here at Panda Security we’ve decided to list some of the best practices to keep your data safe while away from home.


Storing all crucial files from your connected devices onto an external hard drive or the cloud would not only free up some valuable space on your phone but will also minimize the number of memories you will lose in the unlikely event of misplacing a smartphone, tablet, or a laptop. Creating a backup gives you the peace of mind that even if things go sideways, you will be able to retrieve all important files.

Limit social media travel announcements

We understand that it may be tempting to share your destination with the public, but sometimes keeping it to yourself is the safer option. Criminals often go through social media when they are on the lookout for the next victim. Hackers are aware that if you are not at home, you are an easy target as you may not notice suspicious activity while you are away. And if you decide to still share your travelling on social media, make sure you are happy with the privacy settings of your profiles.

Turn on remote wipe

Smartphones get stolen or damaged all the time while people are on the move. Turning on the remote wipe function of your cellphone will allow you to erase everything forms your device immediately after the device is lost. Make sure you know your carrier passwords too – remember that your wireless carrier store may not be as close as you wish should you need help resetting a password.

Remove any sensitive information in advance

If you have information or files on your phone that you are not willing to share with anyone who holds your phone, you better take this data off before you leave. Border agents now have the right to request you to unlock your smartphone so they can inspect it. While you have the right to refuse access, such behavior may put a stain on your travel adventure as border agents may find you suspicious and decide to detain you.


Public WiFi networks can be monitored and are not safe to use unless you access them and browse using a trusted VPN solution. VPN masks the internet traffic so WiFi network administrators have no way of seeing the data that travels through their wireless network, nor the hackers who might be monitoring it too. Better safe than sorry, having a quality VPN service will put another layer of security of your connected device.

Here in the US, vacations are not as long as they generally are in other places around the world, and those two weeks of paid leave are often very sought-after by everyone.  And small things such as being unprotected or not careful enough may result in having your only two weeks of vacation ruined. Maintaining good data security hygiene is a must while on the go!

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