blue double check

Did you know that WhatsApp may be developing a mark as unread feature? When most of us already got used to the double blue check and few others decided to remove it completely from their lives, everything points to the most popular messaging application has decided to implement this ‘unread’ function.

According to ADSL Zone, it will be the receiver who will be able to modify the status of the message. As has happened other times, they found this new feature in WhatsApp’s official translation center. Here is where the new features are translated before they are released to the public, and not long ago we could find: “mark as read” and “mark as unread”.

read whatsapp

For the moment, it seems to be only available for iPhone users. Now, the question is: how will this affect our privacy? Will the sender be able to see before if the message has been read?

We will keep an eye on it…

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