WhatsApp is set to send a warning to users when they receive a dangerous file. The instant messaging application will introduce this feature during its next few updates, making the sharing of files a bit safer.

Under a new menu, named Documents, users will find a section which is similar to the current one which stores photos and videos that have been exchanged in the conversation. Now, however, there will be text documents, Excel files, presentations, and other office-style documents.

The danger of Excel files

As we’ve said on many occasions before, if you receive an Excel file by email then you should be suspicious. This is why Excel files require the permission of the user to run the file in a trusted mode, and this is exactly what WhatsApp is going to do, too.

whatsapp files

Once again, this piece of information has come from WhatsApp’s translation service. It seems that a security alert will appear before allowing you to run the office document.

By doing this, they hope to avoid the spread of malware via mobile devices. The message will be clear and direct – “This document might contain unsafe content. Make sure you trust the sender before you open it”.

This news confirms what we have always said: be careful with attachments and those that are sent via mobiles. Now, WhatsApp will also help us to remain a little more protected! 😉