whatsapp doble check

The dream of some and the nightmare of others may soon come true. WhatsApp is apparently considering a system for notifying users when the messages they have sent have been read.

When the app first came out, many thought that the double check symbol meant the message had been read. However, it was made clear that the only thing that the two ticks represent is that the message has been delivered successfully.

The news was leaked after WhatsApp asked a user to translate some terms into Italian. These included: «reproduced by», «sent by», «delivered» and «birthday», though suspicions were raised by the phrase «read by» which has led to all sorts of speculation.

whatsapp read by

This feature is similar to the D (Delivered) and R (Read) messages in BlackBerry Messenger although it appears it is still in trial phase.

What do you think? Would you be in favor of WhatsApp telling you if a message had been read? Or would that be infringing on your privacy?