Most of us will accumulate all kinds of obsolete technology at home or in the office:

  • Computers that are no longer used.
  • Laptops with missing keys or that have simply been replaced with a newer, lighter one.
  • Mobile phones replaced by others with more features.

What can you do with these obsolete elements?

Below we offer several ideas that will benefit you and society.

naturaleza4Let us see how:

Dump them in the bin? No, to start with, that is not ecologically responsible. 

If you dial public service inquiries in your area, they will probably be able to tell you where to deposit any such devices so they can be correctly disposed of or recycled. And by doing this:

1. Many materials in your computer or laptop can be reused, preventing the release of damaging elements into the environment, such as nickel, cadmium, lithium, cobalt, copper, coltan, iron, aluminum, titanium, etc.
2. You will be responsibly disposing of other potentially toxic and dangerous waste.
3. You will have more free space at home.

We would like to draw your attention to initiatives such as Oxfam’s, which consists of collecting computers / mobile phones to be reused in developing countries. And at no cost! Oxfam can even sell these devices in order to purchase tools, schoolbooks, etc.

You’ll find more information on their website:

Not a bad idea, is it?

Would you like to share this kind of initiatives with us? Please send them to us and we will discuss them.

Blanca Carton