Europe has been gripped by a major heatwave this summer with higher-than-normal temperatures being recorded in some places like Britain. And although the heat is extremely uncomfortable for us – and potentially disastrous for our smartphones.

Take notice of the warnings

Warning messages on your smartphone usually mean there is a problem. So when it says “To resume use of your device as quickly as possible, turn it off, move it to a cooler environment (away from direct sunlight) and allow it to cool down” don’t ignore it.

This is your phone’s way of telling you that something might be about to go wrong.

Why does it matter?
If they overheat, the sensitive electronics in your smartphone could be permanently damaged. Worse still, the lithium ion battery that powers the phone could swell – or possibly even catch fire.

These heat-related issues affect all smartphones, including Android and Apple devices.

How to use your smartphone safely in the heat

Here are five tips you protect your phone in the heat:

1. Never leave your phone in the car

The enclosed space inside your car can become extremely warm – even hotter than the temperatures outside in the open air. Never, ever leave your phone in the car on a hot day to prevent serious damage.

2. Use your phone in the shade – or indoors

If you must use your phone on a hot day, move into the shade – or indoors – first. This will help to lower the temperature of your device and prevent it from overheating. Make sure you keep your smartphone in the shade at all times – put it under your towel when not in use.

3. Go easy on your device

Certain apps, like games or Facebook are very ‘resource intensive’. These apps make the smartphone’s processor work harder, which also makes them hotter. Stick to simple tasks like web browsing until you can find a cooler place. You could also consider enabling ‘airplane mode’ or low battery mode which will help to prevent overheating.

4. Take your phone case off

Smartphone design is about more than just building a visually appealing device. Parts of the case are designed to improve network connections – and others will help to draw heat away from the battery and internal components so that the device stays cool. When you put a case on, these heat transfer parts do not work properly – so taking your case off in hot weather will help to prevent overheating. Just be careful you don’t drop your phone!

5. DO NOT put your device in the fridge

Placing your smartphone in the fridge will definitely help to cool it – but it could also cause other problems. The air inside your freezer is moist – when it comes into contact with the hot phone, that moisture will condense, and could cause electrical shorts (just like dropping your phone in the bath would).

So there you have it, five ways to protect your smartphone this summer. Good luck!