5 tips to maintain your cell phone battery without compromising experience

When cell phones appeared on the market they were meant to be used for talk and text. However, things have changed and cellular operators no longer stress about the amount of minutes or texts you are using, but for the amount of data you burn through. That’s because people don’t make that many calls anymore – these days your cell phone is being used as a small pocket computer that allows you to connect with your friends and business partners, be up to speed with what is happening around the world and of course entertain yourself by watching videos and playing games.

The devices are no longer about you being able to call someone; it’s about you being connected to the world on a variety of platforms. What makes cell phones such an important tool? Well, they are mobile. It is as simple as that! You can use them almost anywhere and take them with you everywhere. There’s an app for almost anything that keeps to mind. Now while mobility can be an advantage in many ways it can also be perceived as a disadvantage.

With great power comes great responsibility

cell phones are powered by a battery and this battery can often let us down. The laws of the modern world say: Your cell phone battery will most probably die on you the moment you need it most. It is said that should Apple manufacture a car, it will most likely run out of juice every day at about 4pm, just as you’re trying to go home from work. We are so dependent upon cell phones we can no longer execute simple everyday tasks without them. There are reported cases of people unable to get home as their phones have stopped working. How do you get home without the GPS on your device? Let’s admit it – we have become so used to having that cell phone in our pocket we cannot function without it.

Top 5 things you can do to improve your battery life

Always carry a charging cable with you

Phones tend to die in the most unexpected moments so we recommend that you always have a portable power station with you, or at least a cable that will allow you to charge your phone in case of need. Just look at Starbucks as an example. They know people want their devices charged up so they installed wireless chargers at their coffee stores to attract more customers. While this can be the case in some stores, in 9 out of 10 cases, stores that don’t have wireless chargers will be happy to get your phone charged a bit behind the counter while you shop.

Now might be the time to get a portable power station

There are many options on the market that allow you to have your phone charged while on the go. Have you seen all of these people with phones connected with a cable to something in their backpack or purse? They are Pokémon hunters who want to ‘catch’em all’. You cannot catch all the Pokémon if you don’t have a portable charger – your phone won’t make it without a recharge. While this is a common practice amongst Pokémon hunters, regular people take advantage of it just as much. Having a juice pack is a must in this busy world.

Keep a car charger in your car

Just go out there and get yourself a car charger. You will never run out of battery if your phone is charging while you are commuting. Unless you live in New York, here in the USA most people travel to and from work for at least 30 minutes a day. Some phones such as Motorola Droid 2 or Google Pixel allow you to use your phone for up to 8 hours with only 15 minutes charge. This is incredible, take advantage of the fast charging options available for your mobile device.

Consider getting a phone with interchangeable battery

We know in 2016 these are rarity but you can always find a smartphone that allows you to change its battery. Having a bad battery life should not mean you have to buy a brand new device or spend tons of money on external chargers, this means you may just have to replace your battery. Phones such as the latest LG V20 allow you to do exactly that.

Take a look at your phone’s settings

Sometimes the solution is not to constantly charge up your phone. It is more about finding out what drains it and eliminating it. All smartphones have the capability of monitoring battery usage and determining what causes the short or inconsistent battery life of your device. If you see an app that uses up the majority of your battery but you barely use, just delete it – it clogs up your phone’s memory and drains your battery. You don’t need this kind of negativity in your life. Many times apps have background processes that use not only your battery life but your data – always keep an eye on the ‘Settings > Battery’ section of your mobile device.