When you choose to go online, most internet users would say their goal is to find something they are looking for, or accomplish a task. Most would say their primary intention would not to be hacked by experts that can potentially steal your information or harm your online profiles. However, in today’s world, identity theft and hacking is a genuine concern. Nearly 60 million Americans were affected by identity theft in 2017 alone.

For businesses, a data breach will cost the average company about $3.8 million. So how does one outsmart a hacker? While an average internet user most likely does not have the tools to hack a system, there are many ways to “think like a hacker” that may save your information from getting breached. Below we provide actionable quotes on ways to problem solve like a hacker, so you can be prepared before a hacker may strike.

How to Problem Solve Like a Hacker

With every successful internet brand comes an intelligent team of tech-savvy individuals. Jeff Bezos ensures every purchase on Amazon is encrypted and secure. Mark Zuckerberg is an entrepreneur, CEO and certified hacker. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google stated in late July that security is its top priority. These and many more internet giants are realizing the risks of data breaches and security faults and taking control. Below, we list actionable tips for internet users and their companies to prevent hacking before it’s too late.

While we are at a constant disadvantage when it comes to hackers, educating yourself and others on the basics of security best practices can help you stay secure. These tips can bring you a few steps ahead of hackers and potentially divert them from further intruding your system. Another essential way that businesses can stay secure is by installing a VPN, which ensures secure browsing and private information stays untraceable.


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