What happens when you have visitors – but don’t want to share your WiFi network password? Or you don’t have a WiFi network at all? The answer is to create a temporary WiFi network – and here’s how to do it.

Windows 11

Windows 11 has a clever feature that allows you to turn your computer into a temporary mobile hotspot. You just need to turn it on:

    • Open the Settings app and click Network & Internet -> Mobile Hotspot. Click the slider to turn Mobile Hotspot to On.
  • In the Share my connection from dropdown select which wireless type you want to use (Bluetooth or WiFi).
  • Click the Edit button and give your new network a memorable Name and Password.
  • Click Save and the new network is ready to use.

Now you can connect any WiFi device – smartphone, tablet or even another computer – to the new network. Your Windows 11 computer will act like a wireless router, allowing connected devices to surf the web, download email, play games and any other online activity.

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Mac OS

It is also possible to turn your Apple computer into a wireless hotspot – although the process is slightly different and there are some limitations on what you can do. This is how:

  • Open the System Settings app then select General -> Sharing
  • Click the Internet Sharing option, and select Ethernet
  • In the To computers using section, choose Wi-Fi
  • Fill in a memorable Network name and a Password. You can leave the other options set to their defaults.
  • Click Done to save your changes. Turn on Internet Sharing.

You should see a new network option on your other devices with the name you selected a few seconds earlier. Enter the password you chose and the device should be able to browse the internet using your new wireless network.

Unfortunately, unlike Windows 11, you can’t share your Mac’s WiFi connection – you need to plug your laptop into your router with an ethernet network lead first.

Protect yourself

Creating temporary WiFi networks like this is a great way to protect your devices from guests accidentally infecting your network with malware. However, you should ensure the computer you are using to create the hotspot is also properly protected first.

Before setting up a shared WiFi network, ensure you have an effective antimalware tool installed. Download a free trial of Panda Dome and protect yourself today.