Completely indispensable to modern life, your smartphone goes wherever you do. Over the course of the summer this could mean that it could be exposed to some situations that place the handset – or your data – at risk of loss, theft or damage.

Here are top tips for keeping your phone safe in the summer months.

    1. Buy a protective case: The beach is a great place to enjoy sun, sea and sand – unfortunately your phone doesn’t agree. Too much sunshine and your phone may overheat and crash. Sand gets stuck in the earpiece and charging ports – and can even scratch the screen. And we all know what happens when delicate electronics get wet (they stop working – forever).Before you head off to the coast, make sure your phone is safely tucked away in a good quality case. You should seriously consider investing in a waterproof case just in case – or keep your phone in a zip-lock plastic bag to prevent against splashes.
    2. Keep your phone in the shade: It’s almost impossible to see your phone screen in direct sunlight anyway, but you should definitely put it in your bag when it’s not being used. If your phone gets overheats, it will begin to lag and eventually crash. Smartphone manufacturers warn that operation may become erratic above 35ºF (95ºF), and could crash completely. If the handset is exposed to too much heat for too long, the internal components may get damaged. In a worst case scenario, the battery may even explode.If the sun is too hot for you, it’s too hot for your phone.
    3. Clean carefully: Even with a really good case, there’s a chance that sand and dust will still get stuck to the phone. You may also end up with sticky patches from your sun cream.First, try to shake off as much sand as you can. Next, use a soft, dry cloth or towel to very gently wipe away sand and sun cream. You can remove sand from headphone and charging ports using a toothpick.
    4. Dry it out slowly: If your phone does fall in the pool, don’t panic. Shake as much water as you can out of the phone. If you can, use a vacuum cleaner to suck out any last drops. Then, use a hairdryer on medium heat to gently heat the phone and evaporate trapped water. Finally, place the phone in a bowl of rice or kitty litter overnight.This may not fix your phone, but you will at least have a chance of bringing it back to life.
    5. Don’t forget the hackers: Just because you’re sat on a beach, miles from home doesn’t mean cybercriminals can’t get you. In the same way you put on sun cream to avoid getting burned, you should install anti-malware on your phone to avoid being hacked.Download a free trial of Panda Dome anti-malware and you can enjoy the rest of the summer, safe in the knowledge that your phone and data are properly protected.

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