pan-0421Hello, my name is Ana Etxebarria and I am the Global Director of Services and Technical Support for Panda Security. It´s a real pleasure to meet you all!

At Panda Support we work to continuously improve the relationship with our clients, as we are fully aware of how important it is to make our clients satisfied and keep them that way. That’s why we always try to be there whenever clients need us, ready to help them from the first moment.

The question is, how? How can we get where others can’t? Hear what others can’t hear? See what others can’t see?… Besides continuing to work in the traditional way to offer support, and always in line with the idea of staying close to clients, we have entered the Web 2.0 world over the last few months. To be honest with you, we are actually enjoying it, and I think it shows.

We help clients and answer all queries through different means: Our own forums, third-party forums, Twitter or Facebook. We do this in several languages and from different countries, always adjusting and adapting to our users’ perceptions and situation.

If you consider the 2.0 trend data presented by Nielsen/NetRatings, you’ll see that users of 2.0 websites are more active than typical or prototypical users, as they perform 63.8 searches every month instead of the 44.7 searches performed by the average user. Also, users of 2.0 websites already amount to 20% of all Internet users (U.S. user data).

Personally, I am absolutely convinced that the service improves automatically as more people use it, and for me this is the best definition of the 2.0 concept! I’d like to encourage you to collaborate with us to improve our product support. Thank you!