The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology has continuously been evolving since the beginning of the last century with exceptional growth over the previous ten years. In the past UAV were only available for military purposes but over the last decade, the drone equipment has become easily accessible to regular folks and businesses of all sizes.

Hobbyists of all sorts have been contributing to the steady growth over the years. According to market and consumer data provider Statista, the drone industry is not planning on slowing down as sales in the US alone are projected hit the one-billion-dollar mark in 2018.

Why are drones suddenly so popular?

The short answer is hidden in the pricing – drones have never been more affordable than they are right now. The low prices allow hobbyist, entrepreneurs, and businesses to find various ways to utilize drones’ power. The growth also comes from the multiple industries which are seeing an opportunity to cut costs by implementing the drone technology. Drones are not meant to only serve with a recreational or military purposes.

Top 10 list of industries who will benefit from drone usage in 2018.

1. Logistics and transportation

Soon you may not have to physically pick-up your prescription drugs, government documents nor dry cleaning. In the future, unmanned aerial vehicles will be delivering those to your door!

2. Photography and filmmaking

Twenty-five years ago filmmakers had to hire a helicopter full of equipment to capture footage that is now easily achievable with a $500 drone.

3. Security

Unmanned flights will soon replace the need for security guards to do night inspections of prisons or industrial sites – self-rechargeable drones integrated with infrared sensors will be making the night inspections instead.

4. Mapping

Reaching difficult and remote locations has never been easier. You no longer need the budget for a helicopter to explore difficult-to-access locations.

5. Entertainment

Move over fireworks – drones may soon be the best form of nighttime spectaculars. Intel’s CES and Winter Olympics drone shows featured more than 1000 light drones and attracted the attention of millions.

6. Leisure

Shark spotting and prompt delivery of inflatable rafts and GPS beacons using drones are already saving lives in Australia. Lifeguards might not have to risk their lives anymore.

7. Agriculture

Currently in the US more than 30% of farmers are using drone technology and the number will hop over 60% by end of next year.

8. Architecture

Aerial monitoring will increase the productivity on constriction sites and decrease the costs needed for inspections on complex infrastructures.

9. Law enforcement

Drones are already part of the inventory of many police stations around the globe. UAV could be very effective for maintenance of public safety and surveillance of criminal activity.

10. Search and rescue

First responders have a new way to improve their work – drones, integrated with gas and infrared sensors, could be quickly dispatched to fire locations as scouts. Or be helpful for finding people in need at sites affected by natural disasters.

The technology needs to evolve further and continue to be actively regulated. Humanity will be getting more and more dependent on UAV. While the technology is fantastic, it undoubtedly comes with a few negatives – the broad adoption of drones will affect jobs and security could be an issue.

Brace yourselves, the drone technology is here to stay and is destined to start shaping our lives sooner than later!