Published by Ana Etxebarria, May 5th, 2010

For work reasons, I need to have my BlackBerry turned on in a 24x7x365 mode. But when did my BB and I become one?

Recently, while I was away with my family for a few days, my BB passed away. It was terrible! I didn’t know what to do! My friends tried to revive it: some of them said it was best to reset it, others wanted to throw it down the toilet and a few suggested taking the battery out, but they all agreed that a couple of days without a BlackBerry would do no harm. They even suggested I should try to enjoy the peace and tranquility. What peace?  I couldn’t read my mail, receive or make calls, send text messages, access Twitter or Facebook…

I finally gave up and accepted my new 1.0 situation, and I must admit that once the initial shock was over, it wasn’t that bad. However, I began to realize that I had probably become a CrackBerry addict, that what I had seen on TV was true and that the number of times a day I checked whether the red light was on exceeded health & safety limits.

I will not part from my BlackBerry (I can’t and don’t want to), but I think we should reach a deal by which we both have our own space and a bit of privacy.

If it hits home, I would like to receive your comments. I also admit constructive criticism. Finally, here is an instructive video which I hope makes you smile 🙂