As most of you already now, yesterday Megaupload was closed by the FBI, accused of “copyright infringement”. You can read FBI’s press release here where the details of the case are explained, and you can see how each accused person in this case could face 50 years jail time.

We should be concerned, as the next step could be to close Google or Bing, at the end of the day we all use it to find the stuff we want, and I have seen many times results in those search engines with Megaupoad links. And what next? Will they close Internet?

Anonymous has of course reacted, and has started DDoS attacks against a number of different websites, among the targets we can find the Department of Justice, the RIAA, and Universal Music. Again, the best way Anonymous is able to come up with is to launch DDoS attacks. They could try to give information to the people, etc. but that is boring for them, itย  is way funnier to break the law.

Going back to the press release, you can also read this:

This case is part of efforts being undertaken by the Department of Justice Task Force on Intellectual Property (IP Task Force) to stop the theft of intellectual property.

Meanwhile, in the real world, thousands of millions of dollars are stolen every year by cybercriminals (real money, taken from users’ credit cards and bank accounts). But as long as there is no theft of intellectual property, that’s ok. Wait a moment, is that OK? Maybe some priorities should be adjusted.