Today we are going to review our top spyware list.

1: Adware/Gator(=)
2: Adware/Lop (Up from 8th)
3: Application/MyWebSearch (Up from 5th)
4: Application/Winantivirus2006 (Down from 2nd)
5: Adware/Wupd (Down from 4th)

So not many changes this month, but there are some interesting things to comment.

This adware creates different executable files on the PC when it is run, in order to avoid detection. Also, It creates some images on the desktop which look like shortcuts, but they are links to external web sites or programs, the usual casino stuff, etc. It uses quite a lot of effort to disguise itself on the pc, changing the executable that it is run each time. It belongs to C2Media LTD.

One of the last versions of the fake codecs, which are so active lately. Hiding spyware on fake codecs is getting huge revenues, as users continue to download them confused with the idea of watching an exiting video for free.

Adware/SecurityError (Up from 46th to 12th)
It is usually installed by some versions of fake codecs. Then it sends adware to promote different web pages, that try to show that there is some kind of infection on your PC. You can also run a test that makes a kind of recommendation. This test is useless, answering the same, you get different recommendations. And it doesn't matter which one you chosse they are all rogue antispywares.

So our recommedation is to be careful when running some applications. Fake codecs are quite dangerous, because users make the false assumption that you need to install the codec to watch the video, but the truth is quite different. The video is not encoded, and there is no codec. The web page checks if you have certain application installed, and if you don't have it you cannot access the content. The problem is that the user is not properly informed of what is happening. As a result, users will have tons of adware delivered to their desktop.

Thanks to Vicen.