Remember when some Apple users ‘lost’ their phones after believing stories about the iOS7 making the iPhone waterproof?

After the presentation of the latest new features in Apple devices and the new iOS8 operating system, the Internet is full of articles either in praise of or criticizing the company’s latest efforts. Users, eager to find all the latest information and the best tips on how to get the most from the new iPhone 6, scour forums and blogs to stay up-to-speed with everything about these new releases.

That’s why it’s no surprise to find these types of practical jokes doing the rounds on the Web, or to encounter some poor unsuspecting user, who perhaps expecting more than is reasonable from the new device, falls for the trick.

This story took the form of an advert, similar in style to the one launched by Apple on 4chan, announcing the new ‘Wave’ feature of iPhone, which could supposedly recharge the phone in the microwave.

wave iphone 6 apple

So do you believe everything you read on the Internet?

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