The chances of you being on the lookout for a New Year resolution are high! One of the most important resolutions worth considering for 2024 should be NOT to get hacked this year. There have been way too many high-end data leaks and breaches over the last few years, so the chances of your credentials being on sale on the dark web are relatively high. Unfortunately, it is up to the cybercriminals to decide whether you are a good target or not. However, you can do a few things to avoid becoming a victim in 2024 even if hackers end up aiming at you.

Password hygiene

We cannot stress enough that maintaining proper password hygiene should always be prioritized. You may feel tempted to reuse passwords, but doing so can cost you a lot. So, if you are struggling to remember tens of passwords for different sites and places, try using a password manager. Some high-end antivirus software providers have such options included in their offerings. Storing passwords in a secure place is undoubtedly something hackers would not enjoy cracking should they decide to aim at you.

Antivirus software

There are tens of thousands of cyber security researchers and developers worldwide who work day and night tirelessly to develop products that protect businesses and individuals from hacker attacks. They monitor cyberspace for new threats and constantly update antivirus software solutions, so they are up-to-speed with all that is going on in the cyber security world. Having the good guys on your side should undoubtedly be a priority, as hackers generally hate challenging targets.

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Multi-factor authentication

Getting multi-factor authentication on your important accounts is a must. Yes, the technology has its downsides, but it also offers a second layer of security that people should use. Fraudsters will have a hard time getting into your bank account if they first go through the protection provided by email accounts or mobile wireless companies. Even if they somehow end up cracking your email or cellphone accounts, they would leave so much trace that authorities would very likely be able to trace the fraudsters down one way or another.

Backup your essential information

You can pick a cloud solution or invest in purchasing an external HDD that is not always connected to the internet. Having a backup on a non-connected device or a reputable cloud storage provider can be a lifesaver. If hackers encrypt all your files and demand a ransom, you can simply wipe out the infected PC and get your files back from your backup HDD or cloud provider. You may be a bit inconvenienced because you have to transfer files from time to time, but storing those precious images and files is worth it. The last thing you want is to end up having to choose between sponsoring hackers probably located on the other side of the world… or losing all your memories.

Keep everything up-to-date

The developers of every major tech company are working hard, even during the holidays, looking for zero-day exploits and other threats that would allow cybercriminals to attack. And when they determine that there is a threat, they develop patches and updates. So being on top of your update game will decrease the chances of getting hacked in 2024. This also is a must for your antivirus software – if your antivirus software provider wants to install an update – hit the accept button. It may save you from becoming a victim. Hackers are notoriously active during the holidays.

It is impossible always to know when someone is trying to scam you. Nowadays, you get the option to let others be vigilant for you. If any of these practices sound appealing, you can try Panda Security’s antivirus software for free.