Once again the Stormworm as in many other special dates reaches our mailboxes in order to infect our computers with malware. 


This time it is related to a very special day in the United States:

Independence Day firework broke all records

Amazing Independence Day show

Celebrating the Glory of our Nation

Celebrating 4th of July

Super 4th!


This is what we will view in the web after clicking the link included in these emails: 


Evidently, as in many other occasions, it is not an embedded video, so while we are seeing this website, our browser will be trying to install W32/Nurech.BG.worm in our computer.

The cases we have seen up to now follow the same pattern, the links point to different websites whose IPs are located in the United States and a malicious file will be downloaded “http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/fireworks.exe ”.