The good news is that we are all getting better at spotting scams. However, cybercriminals ware not giving up. In fact, they are constantly developing new ways to steal our money and our data.

So even though you may be an expert at spotting (and deleting!) phishing emails, you will need to remain vigilant. Here’s what to expect next.

Virtual Reality collides with the real world

Virtual Reality gaming is set to take another step forward as Sony releases the PlayStation VR 2 headset. This may also be accompanied by a new ‘Pro’ version of the PS5 console.

This is not to say that the PlayStation Network is insecure, but highly anticipated technology releases tend to lead to a surge in demand that may outstrip supply. Scammers will jump on these trends, emailing their targets with ‘special discounts’ and ‘limited stock offers’. Like most phishing emails, these sales emails will link to a fake website; when you complete an order through the online shop, the scammers will harvest your email credit card details.

Unfortunately, anyone who falls victim to one of these scams is likely to lose their money – and they will never receive the VR 2 headset. This particular scam is likely to follow every new technology release, so expect to see similar messages accompanying the next iPhone, iPad and MacBook release too.

In-game scams

As online platforms like the metaverse gain popularity, many businesses are looking at ways to sell goods and services in the virtual world. And like everywhere else on the internet, wherever there is profit, cybercriminals are never far behind.

To avoid being robbed, experts suggest storing cryptocurrency in third party wallets/platforms. If the metaverse platform is successfully hacked, your digital currency is still held safely elsewhere.

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Similarly, you should avoid storing your credit card details with your account. If possible, use a disposable credit card which will limit the amount a hacker can steal if they do manage to get hold of your details. Many banks now offer one-time disposable cards in their apps – take a look to see if yours does.

Our top tips for staying safe online in the future

Cybercrime is constantly evolving making it quite hard to predict what new attacks will look like. However, there are some things you can do now to protect yourself against future crimes:

  1. Install antimalware

Viruses and malware will remain important tools for criminals for the foreseeable future. Download a free trial of Panda Dome antimalware to protect yourself today – and tomorrow.

  1. Watch your mailbox

Beware if an email offer seems too good to be true or requires you to act immediately – there’s a very good chance the message is a scam. Always take a moment to think before clicking a link or entering passwords and credit card details.

  1. Use disposable cards

A disposable credit card can only ever be used once. Choosing to use one-time payment cards prevents scammers from stealing all your money – even if they are able to capture your details.