Sometimes hackers are not after your banking details or personal information

After careful research and conversations with multiple individuals, we have discovered that sometimes hackers are not after your banking details or personal information. It may be tempting for them to steal directly from you but government agencies and antivirus companies are developing fast, and it is getting harder and harder for cyber criminals to execute their evil plans.

The problem is that money leave trace, so at some point or another, a cybercriminal will have to be exposed when he/she goes to get the money from an ATM or a bank account. Then they have the problem of storing and managing all this money.

Trends in hacking

One of the latest trends in hacking is the stealing of professional information where hackers target successful business people. Accessing information of high profile people’s accounts eventually brings cyber criminals more gains than simply draining their bank accounts. Let us explain how this works.

Thinking about the future

After generating tons of cash by committing cyber crimes and managing network of criminals, hackers tend to start thinking about the future. They may be good into swindling people but what to do with all the cash? It is a risky business, and they do not feel like going to jail. What they do is using their skills for stealing business strategies so they can make a proper investment.

Imagine what a stockbroker rookie could do if he can get into the brains of top industry players. Hackers are no longer only after your banking details or your dirty little secrets; now they want to pick your brains and get business consulting without paying the hefty price tag.

Blackmailing is part of the past too; the new generation of millennial hackers use data to steal information that may lead to legal and easily explainable profit. And it makes sense, why would they put themselves at risk every day when they can make a huge amount of money and then start using their hacking skills to double it by stealing company secrets and trend predictions.

As an example, imagine what you would be able to do if you knew what some of the best stockbrokers in the world are thinking of doing. Very often, they have blogs with information, or they give away pricey speeches where they teach you how to become great, but we all know that they do not tell you their deepest secrets of success. A secret would not be a secret if you were able to share with everyone. Well hackers hack into their accounts and steal the secrets for their own benefit, without causing any damage.

The scary part?

Hackers are now targeting such people, and those people do not even know they are being hacked. Company secrets and tactics are the next big trend in hacking.

So how to stay protected?

It is easy; you have to have anti-virus software that would not allow hackers to implant malicious software onto your system. In the past, we were saying that our home is our castle. In these modern times, we should start saying that our computer and cell phones are our castles. Very often most of the confidential information you have is not in the real safe at home or the office but on your pc or mobile.

Hackers are getting more and more sophisticated, and they are smart enough to know when to stop stealing cash and become investors or entrepreneurs. Don’t’ support cyber criminals by being exposed and get your antivirus software now. You may not occur any damage, but by being unprotected, you may be unknowingly supporting terrorism. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? It is because it is scary!