Yesterday we heard about some news regarding the arrest of a group of hackers accused of having launched attacks against several websites: those belonging to PSOE and PP (the main political parties in Spain), and surprisingly the website of Sálvame, a gossip show of a Spanish TV channel.

The group, known as K0 team, had gained access to the servers where these websites are hosted, taking advantage of some configuration or system errors in them. This way, they could modify the pages as they wanted. This technique is known as “defacement”.

What these guys did, two of them minors, was to add an image of a red fist to these sites:


In the case of the the gossip show, besides the red fist, they left a message to Belén Esteban, a usual collaborator of the program.

At first, we didn’t understand what this was about, but this issue reminded Luis of something that happened last January, when the webiste of the Ombudsman for Minors in Madrid was hacked by some of the members of this group. What they did that time was to leave a support message to Belén Esteban, who was going through a rough period due to several statements made by the same Ombudsman for Minors whose website was hacked.

The message was the following:


Several months later, in May, it’s the website of Belén Esteban (created several weeks before) the one which is hacked by this group. That time they added a caricatured picture of the Ombudsman for Minors and the message Go Belén!!, like this:


And the last episode of this soap opera is the reason why these hackers have been arrested and which took place three weeks ago, when they decided to attack the website of Sálvame, apart from the websites of several political parties.

Everything could have been just an anecdote, but the issue went further. The serious thing, as we’ve read, is that one of them admits having stolen a file that contains a database with more than 120,000 users of the affected TV channel. This fact would have made the group of Computer Crimes speed up their arrest in order to prevent them from putting up the file for sale.