After the long-awaited presentation from Apple, comments, criticisms and evaluations could  not wait. Nor the scams and false announcements related to the company’s new products. The last, and probably most memorable, was a fake advertisement which claimed that the upgrade to the new operating system iOS7 converted the iPhone into a water-resistant device.

“Do you know all the novelties of the new iOS7? It probably hadn’t occurred to you that it would be waterproof…”  This is what must have crossed thousands of user’s minds as they decided to launch their mobile phones into the water, to check if the latest announced by, whom they thought was Apple, was true.

When you change the operating system of devices, we often feel a certain sense of ignorance and stupidity when we deal with new modifications to the icons, aesthetics and functions. This situation is a breeding ground for these practical jokes that proliferate online.

This announcement, with an aesthetic and type very similar to Apple , claimed that the new iOS7 activated a switch that disconnected battery and other electronic components as the device made contact with water.

 The reactions on social media networks did not wait, and many iPhone users showed their desperation and protests when they came to see their beloved Smartphone stop working when it came into contact with water.

 The New iPhone Fingerprint Reader, Hacked

However, this is not the only rumor that spread over the internet related to news from Apple. Several users claimed to have breached the new device’s security by getting passed the fingerprint recognition, the main novelty of the new system.

The attacks and malware targeting Apple devices are increasingly common: hackers, identity theft, data, etc … so it is important to be alert and prepared to prevent these infections. With Panda Antivirus for Mac, you can protect your Mac and also analyze your other Apple devices to keep them free of viruses.

What is your opinion on the new Apple? Have you updated your Apple device to the new iOS7?