Who Can Interact with My Timeline?
Aside from creating friends lists and limiting the visibility of photo publications on Facebook, another important point to consider in our privacy settings is who can interact with our timeline and publications.

Who Can Interact with My Timeline?

Aspects that will be defined in this case are:

  • Who can publish on our timeline
  • Who can send us private messages
  • Who can see our private information on our timeline
  • Who can we tag in photos and publications

Like in other occasions, the display options are me, friends, public, only me and custom. You can choose to let only one list or multiple lists interact with your account, or decide who you cannot interact.

All these fields are editable and independent. To access the settings, just click on the wheel at the top left / privacy settings. In all these sections, as we explained to create lists of friends, we can begin to define the different sections.

The most important aspect comes in the labeling. When one of our contacts upload a photo or publication and tag us, we must realize that this publication is not only seen by our contacts based on our configuration, but also for the contacts of the person who uploaded this photo or publication. We therefore recommend implementing the option “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline”. With this setting, before you’re tagged, Facebook will ask for permission to post the new publication on your timeline.

The Option ‘View As’

Once we have properly marked all the privacy settings for your profile, Facebook offers the option of checking that everything is correct. To do this, we have to go to Timeline and Tagging settings / View As.

Who Can Interact with My Timeline Once you access your profile through this option, we go sailing through the different tabs to check the visibility of each. By default, we will see how your profile will look to a person who you have not added as a friend. Through the top search box you can put the names of some of your friends to check if the settings are working properly. For example, see if the filter will prevent your family from seeing the photos of your friends and vice versa.

The steps we must take to properly setup privacy settings for our Facebook profile are:

1.  Configuration friend’s lists

2. Define the visibility of our photographs

3. Decide who want to interact with our biography

Once we have set up all these parameters, the configuration for our Facebook profile will be controlled. However, we recommend that you monitor and control your privacy periodically. Continued Facebook changes sometimes cause changes in our privacy settings, exposing all the publications whose visibility we had defined.

In the same way, if we have our privacy controlled but not that of our contacts, our updates can turn out to be compromised.

In addition, we must remember that Facebook deleted the privacy option “Who can search for your profile by your name?”, so now anyone who puts your name in the search box on the social network, will find you. Thus, the only alternative to not being located is by “calling us” through another way. Surely you know a friend who already does that.

Have you had any embarrassing experience because of a picture on Facebook?