Can I keep my Facebook photos from being downloaded by other people?

More than likely, on more than one occasion you’ve asked the question: Can I keep my Facebook photos from being downloaded by other people?

The first thing we have to say is no. On one hand, it is inevitable that someone might take a screenshot of your photo, and secondly, because Facebook makes it too easy by including an option to “Download” in all photos.

download facebook photos


Today, we will try to give you some advice for choosing the right privacy settings for the photos you have on Facebook.


5 Tips to Protect Our Photos on Facebook


      1. Save the Photos That are Most Personal to You

This is a very simple but effective suggestion. Do not upload photos to your profile that you do not want to be seen by your boss, co-workers or friends from the gym.

      2. Configure the Privacy Setting on Your Facebook Albums

Editing the privacy settings for your Facebook photos can help us minimize our exposure on the internet but we must not forget that, although our albums are configured so that a small group of friends can see them, anyone copy the URL of your image and share it with anyone.

       3. Use Other Websites to Show Your Professional Photographs

If you’re a professional photographer, do not use social media as a platform to show your photos. Instead, use other websites like Flickr.

     4. Do No Upload Photos in High Resolution

The images in high resolution are much more likely to be used for commercial purposes.

     5. Report if Someone Misuses One of Your Images

Facebook allows you to file a report if you find that someone is making improper use of your images.

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Would you like stronger privacy for your pictures on Facebook?