The attack of malwares and viruses to our PCs is something that has been pursuing us for decades. The emergence of the Internet has made it imperative that we install antivirus software that protects us from all these cyber attacks.

Now, multi device technology and the variety of operating systems have multiplied these threats. One of the most affected operating systems is that of Google, Android. Their rapid expansion and market penetration of smartphones and tablets have made them major targets for cybercriminals-

According to data published by AV-test, in June 2013 there were already more than 900,000 different types of malwares for Android. A fact that has increased exponentially since January 2012.

Many Smartphone users are not aware of the threats that we are exposed to or the viruses that we face. Most of the threats discovered on Android devices are Trojans that are sent by SMS to Premium numbers, as was discovered last April, according to PandaLabs.

Malwares are distributed through non malicious apps that cybercriminals control through advertising. When they get a high level of installations, they begin to announce false notifications of updates that are hiding Trojans. To be installed, the malware is sent by SMS to a number promoting a special price. They can get to 9 million downloads through Google Play.

Another type of Malware is one that installs on the device and steals personal data: pictures, contacts, passwords to social networks, bank accounts, etc. Valuable information that we store is what is vulnerable to these attacks.

The lack of quality control from the official Google market makes it very easy for these malicious programs through seemingly official applications.


How Can We Protect Ourselves From These Types of Attacks?


Panda Mobile Security

  1. Beware of all applications installed from unknown sources or unofficial markets which offer free applications.
  2. Check the privileges of each installed app. On many occasions we accept and give unnecessary permissions.
  3. Install a good antivirus program. Functions such as the auditor of privacy, which tells you which of your installed applications can access your location, Bluetooth, etc, or the Application Analyzer, which will keep your device virus free.

If you want to protect yourself and still be able to use your smartphone without risks, you can now test the new Panda Mobile Security.

Have you suffered an attack from some virus on an Android?