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Almost every day, we hear news about cybercriminals leaking confidential information, cyber-attacks to the media, massive cases of phishing or WhatsApp scams.

That’s why for the first time risks from cyber-attacks are part of the TOP 10 Global Risks, ranked ninth according to Aon Risk Solutions, Aon plc global division of risks management.

The participants in this survey pointed out that brand damaging and maintaining the company’s reputation is what organizations fear the most. The online risks’ “increasing importance” is linked to the consequences a company may face when its sensitive information has been compromised.

This survey confirms what the Global Risks Report 2015, elaborated by the WEF, had already reported, including cyber-attacks within the most pressing dangers of the future. Stating that companies should consider cyber security as priority.

This is confirmed by experts and data. If PandaLabs described the year 2014 as the year of massive cyber-attacks, we are sure we will see an increase of this types of threats during this year and the ones to come. That’s why if you want to protect your company’s servers and endpoints try our solutions for business and you will sleep a little more soundly at night.