This year we have seen a historical turn of events in the world of Internet Technology. For the first time ever, Chrome’s market share surpassed Internet Explorer, making Google’s web browser take first place while Microsoft fell into second.

It is our pursuit to protect your digital life and offer you fast and safe Internet browsing. From us at Panda Security, to you, we introduce the latest version of Panda Safe Web with the best protection for Chrome. Maximize your web browser! Take advantage of its features like anti-tracking and the alert function that lets you know if a page is secure before you enter it.

New Features with Added Security

Using a familiar Wi-Fi network, paying attention to your mail inbox, and educating your children about internet privacy are all important tips that we have shared to help you navigate the internet safely. But how can you provide extra information and security for your web browser?

We recommend that you try a solution that allows you to:

  1. Trust the information provided about the websites you are trying to visit. This prevents access to places that contain malicious content.
  2. Perform searches safely, classified by their level of security.
  3. Access free disinfection tools and depend on experts in order to prevent possible virus attacks and other threats.
  4. Clean web browsers, eliminate extensions and tool bars.
  5. Protect your privacy against internet tracks.

Panda Safe Web allows you to “click” what you want without risks. The latest version of the Google Chrome extension includes the following improvements:

-Classified searches for the biggest search engines—now for Google, Bing, Yahoo

-New Tracking System feature: Detect and block access to tracking websites. This will put you and your family’s security ahead of cybercrime. Now you can keep your personal information safe by blocking tracks which supervise the sites we visit, what we download, or things we buy on the internet.

Be an anti-tracker! Surf the web securely while using the most popular search engines from your Chrome web browser thanks to the latest version of Panda Safe Web. What are you waiting for? Try it now.

If you need another reason, Panda Safe Web is completely FREE!