Today marks an important day in the life of Panda Cloud Antivirus, the best free AV for two reasons. First of all this month is the one-year anniversary since we released the first beta. But more importantly today Collective Intelligence, the cloud-scanning backend infrastructure, has hit an important milestone: 100 million unique files analyzed. This means that our backend servers have automatically received, analyzed and created detection and disinfection routines for over 100 million unique files.

Some internal Collective Intelligence statistics that may be of interest to some of you:

  • Types of files
    • Malicious:  60.90%
    • Goodware:  31.26%
    • Under analysis:  7.84%
  • New daily files
    • Daily new unique files:  74009
    • Of which are malware:  45738
  • Backend servers
    • Size of Collective Intelligence databases:   2.4 TB
    • Daily logs from cloud-scanning server:   190 GB

Thanks to all Panda Cloud Antivirus users for helping us grow the Collective Intelligence community and improve the protection for all of us. 🙂