Today we observed yet another Blackhat SEO campaign fueling the distribution of the System Security Rogue Anti-Malware from Pandora Software.

Blackhat SEO is a method used by criminals to trick search engines into displaying their content ahead of other legitimate sites. You can learn more about it here.

(E.g. One of the hijacked searches)


Accessing the link redirects the victim to the rogue anti-malware site, which then prompts the user to download and install the malicious software.

Sample hijacked search terms [Full List]:

Cinderella Full Story In Script
Swollen Throat Rash Chest Pains Symptoms
Body Aches All Over And Extreme Fatigue
Candy Bar In Illustrator
Humerous Marriage Definitions
Art Ideas For Babies
Possesive Worksheet
Free Online Scan Malware
Proxy Which Allows Java
Cd Key Do X Blades
Swollen Lymph Nodes And Dry Cough
How To Write Law In Graffiti
Index Of Best Songs
Keys Of Digi Tv
Free Space Crafts For Preschoolers
Execution Of Women Video
Labeled Diagram Of A Foot
Facebook Skins Free
Ear Infections And Sore Muscles

This post has been written by Sean-Paul Correll.