PandaLabs has recently discovered the worm Tixcet.A

It is a very destructive worm, as it deletes files with several extensions and replaces them with a copy of itself keeping the same name as the original files. Among the affected extensions are the following: .DOC, .PPT, .MP3, .MOV, .ZIP and .JPG. This means that we can lose our photos, songs, Word documents and other important files for us.

Additionally, it does not allow files to be copied, as it disables the option Paste and contents to be copied, as the text that is copied is not the selected by the user but one selected by the worm.

It reaches the computer passing itself off as a Word document in order to deceive users.

It also creates several files that contain a signature of the author, like the following:


PandaLabs has analysed this worm deeply and has prepared an interesting video where we can see some of the actions it carries out in the affected computers.