whatsapp virus

We are always saying that WhatsApp is the favorite platform for cybercriminals to play around. And if we add the name of a giant like Amazon, the scam is bound to be a success.

The Trojan known as Amazon-Gift tell users through a WhatsApp message that both companies have joined and they are offering a gift-card. And if the user wants to obtain the check he must click on a link.

According to Tecnoexplora, this hoax is expanding through Asia and it won’t be long until it reaches the rest of the world.

But cybercriminals have gone a little further, urging users to click quickly if they want to be one of the lucky customers to win the prize as there are only 18.000 gift cards available.

The prize is none other than a Trojan that will infect your mobile phone and add it to a network from which other cyber-attacks will be launched.

So, now you know if someone sends you an Amazon-Gift forget it and don’t click on the link!