One of the most famous international VX groups, 29A Labs, announced yesterday they are closing shop. Following is a note that VirusBuster, the last standing member of the now defunct 29A, posted on the group's website yesterday:

I tried to contact ValleZ for some time in order to take a decission together about the future of 29A with no luck therefore I decided to take the decission alone. And my decission is that 29A goes officially retired. I feel this is fair because I am kinda the alpha and the omega of the group. 29A was born in Dark Node,
my BBS, and I am the last active member of the group. My last words as
29A member are for all the people that worked hard to make of this
group the best one: Thank you very much! Regards, VirusBuster/29A.

Creators of infamous viruses (such as W32/Marburg, W32/HPS and WinCE/Dust, the first virus for PocketPC and Smartphones), this spanish born group has been known for researching leading edge techniques, such as per-process residency, metamorphism, entry-point obscuring, and protected-mode viruses.

Goodbye to you all, wherever you may roam!